Tips To Write A Resume For Your First Job

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Tips To Write A Resume For Your First Job

Are you looking forward to a perfect dream job? If yes, what is the most important thing you should focus on? You might think that it would be your certifications, degrees, and other qualification and achievements. Besides everything, your resume holds significance when you want to obtain a high-profile job.

The resume is the first official document that the hiring managers and recruiters will see, before other documents. So, be extra careful while drafting your first resume for your first job. Writing a perfect resume feels challenging to most of us as it includes various things.

You should mention your educational qualifications, work experience, certifications, the projects you have managed, your roles and responsibilities, skills, volunteering activities, and many other aspects. Apart from mentioning these, you also need to add your career objectives so that the recruiters know what you look for in your career.

#1 You Should Utilize Appropriate Keywords

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The recruiters have thousands of resumes to check in a day. They will not go through all the resumes in detail. Usually, the hiring managers use the tools that help to track the resumes through the keywords.

Therefore, while drafting the resume for your first job, you should use effective keywords. You can take the keywords from the job description provided by the hiring managers. By using the keywords in your resume, you can probably increase the chance of getting shortlisted by the recruiters. You can use the keywords like Key Qualifications, Minimum Requirements, or Job Responsibilities.

#2 Add Your Important Skills & Education

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While you draft your resume for the first job, you should mention crucial skills and education qualifications. It will make your resume functional and appear attractive to the recruiters. Along with that, include your work experience.

You might think that for your first job, you won’t be having any experience to add. So you can add the internship projects you worked on. While adding these details, you should maintain a proper structure. In simple words, you should include the information in the following way.

First, include your skills and experience. In this section, you have to provide all the information about your expertise, roles, responsibilities, projects you have worked on. The next in the line should be your educational qualification and your achievements. The last that you should include is the volunteering work that you undertook for accomplishing assignments.

When you organize the information in a particular order, you show the recruiters what to focus on. With this information, the recruiters will know whether to shortlist you for the specific job or not.

#3 You Should Add Career Objective In The Resume For Your First Job

The career objective is referred to as the resume objective. That is one of the most important aspects of any resume. The career objective should not be longer than two sentences. Moreover, remember to include the right keywords even in the career objective. With the help of a career objective, you can summarize what you aspire for. The career objective will always be the first thing on your resume. It will help the recruiters to portray who you are.

You should write the resume objective that is concise and to the point. Ensuring clarity is most essential for career objectives. If the career objective is not clear, your recruiters will not know what you are looking for. Your resume may not get shortlisted.

#4 You Should Remove All The Irrelevant Details From Your Resume

Experts recommend that your resume length should not be more than one or two pages. So, the first thing that you should do is eliminate all the irrelevant details from your resume. If the information you provide is not crucial for the company, it is better not to add it to your resume. It unnecessarily increases the size of the resume, and it may get rejected.

#5 The Final And Most Crucial Thing Is To Proofread Your Resume

You proofread the entire resume before you submit it on the portals. Proofreading helps you clear all the errors and inconsistencies in the resume that you did not notice. You can make the necessary edits to the resume to ensure it is perfect, concise, and attractive.


The resume is vital whether you are applying for the job for the first time or not. It includes all the essential details that help in achieving your dream job. So you can embrace the tips to make sure that your resume is perfect.

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