What Hiring Managers Want to See On Your Resume

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What Hiring Managers Want to See On Your Resume

Your resume is the most crucial document for building your career. All the aspiring candidates draft a resume, revise it, and send it to various companies. It is a straightforward process to land yourself a good job. Most often, the candidate goes through the online job portals, knows the requirements of the companies, and applies accordingly. Once you send the mail, the resume reaches the recruiters or hiring managers of the company. The hiring managers have specific criteria based on which they shortlist the candidates. If you know what knowledge and skillset hiring managers are looking for, it becomes easy to draft a resume. How to know what the hiring managers are looking for in a resume?

Through this article, you will get to know what the hiring manager requires in a resume. 

#1 Relevant Skills And Qualification

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It is one of the most crucial aspects that the hiring managers check in a resume. The very first thing the hiring recruiters verify is your skills. If you have relevant skills and qualifications for a particular job, they will shortlist your resume for the next round. If you do not have the skills they want, the resume will directly be rejected. For instance, if the companies need an MBA qualified professional, and you have a qualification of M.tech, then the resume will be rejected. 

#2 The Experience Of The Candidate

If the companies are hiring freshers, then there is no requirement for including the experience section. If the companies need experienced professionals, then you need to specify the number of years you have worked for different organizations. If the experience you have fulfills the requirement of the company, they will shortlist your resume. It is the second important parameter that is checked by hiring managers.

#3 Use Of Relevant Keywords In The Resume

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In the digital world, the job search happens online. The hiring professionals usually seek relevant keywords. These keywords make it easy to scan through the resume and shortlist them. While posting a job online, the professional uses tags or keywords in the description. If you use the same tags in the resume, it will get shortlisted. If you do not use the relevant keywords, the resume gets rejected. 

#4 Showcase Professionalism In The Resume

Every job role is tedious and requires candidates who can handle work pressure. The companies look for candidates who can be positive, even in negative situations. So they will dive into the strengths, weaknesses, and interests. This section will help them know what do you think about your future job roles. They will ensure whether you will take things positively or not. 

#5 Checking Resume Summary/ Career Objective

The career objective that you add to your resume explains what you need from your job. Career objectives should not be very lengthy and use relevant keywords. Make sure you are adding positive aspects to the career objective. It will have an impact on the recruiters. The recruiters should feel that you will be a dedicated employee for their company and work hard. 

#6 The Overall Format Of The Resume

You have to add a wide range of details to a resume to provide all the relevant information to the recruiters. You should organize the content in your resume appropriately. Furthermore, you can use the right fonts, font size, font colors, a professional template, proper spacing, and margins. This thing will make the resume clear and readable. If you mix it all up in a small corner of the page, hiring managers will not understand anything. They will reject the resume at the very first glance. 

#7 Check The Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

The company managers will see the grammar and spelling errors in your resume. It is not impressive at all if you want your resume to stand out. After drafting your resume, check it multiple times. You should ensure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes; otherwise, it will make your resume look unprofessional.


Resumes hold a valuable place in your professional life. Whether you are an experienced person or a fresher, a resume is crucial for everyone. It is a document explaining your skills, qualifications, experience, achievements, and other vital details of your professional life. If you feel unable to draft a good resume, take help from professional resume writers. The professionals will write a professional resume by considering all the main aspects that the recruiters look for.

The professionals have the experience and expertise to offer a perfect resume. Such a resume is error-free and attracts the attention of hiring managers.

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