Things To Consider While Writing A Resume

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Things To Consider While Writing A Resume

You have completed your school education, your graduation, even your post-graduation, took a plethora of courses with the hope of getting yourself an opportunity in a big multinational company, right? Most of us dream of getting a good job that pays us well for the work we would be doing for the company. But do you think just completing your education and enrolling in various courses would help you land a good job? Certainly yes. But there is a twist. Your education and your grades certainly decide whether you are eligible for applying for a job, but only partially. You need to showcase your worth to renowned organizations and companies so that they can schedule an interview with you and hire you. For this, you would require a perfect resume that will attract the attention of the employers and help you get shortlisted. So how to write a resume that helps you gain more attention from hiring managers? So what are the important things that you must consider while writing the resume?

#1 You Must Understand The Purpose Of Writing The Resume:

A resume is actually your marketing tool that will advertise your skills, talents, your grades to the respective employers or the organization at large. Thus, while writing the resume, you must be clear about what purpose you have, for instance:

  • You need to show the organization that you are employable.

  • Your qualifications meet the requirements of the institution/organization/company.

  • Your skills and experience will help the company meet its goals.

  • You are extremely professional at handling various tasks, managing duties, meeting deadlines, and have the ability to work under pressure.

#2 What Should Be The Length Of The Resume?

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There is no standard length set for the resume, but you need to make sure that it is not very short and not very lengthy. The length of the resume would be dependent on the number of skills you have, the level of your experience, the projects you have handled, and the different areas in your profession where you might have worked. So usually, the resume can be one or two pages. At the max, you can have a resume of 3 pages, but not more than that. Another important thing is you can also have a single-page resume, but if it is well-presented, you will be able to grab the attention of your employers. If some information that you have included does not have a major impact on your career or job you are looking forward to, then you can remove it.

Please Note: If you are writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) then it can be as long as required.

#3 Make Use Of Right Keywords:

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You must go through official websites and various job portals and make a list of the keywords that you can use in your resume. When you are making use of the right keywords in your resume, you would be able to make yourself appear as an ideal candidate who is eligible for the job. Instead of making use of the keywords directly, you can sometimes use the key phrases in the resume. It will help you in getting your resume shortlisted at a faster pace. Most employers utilize an Applicant Tracker System (ATS), which is a software that scans for the right keywords and necessary information and from a large pool of resumes shortlists the good ones for the next round.

#4 Make Use Of The Professional Format In Your Resume: 

While preparing your resume, you must be careful about the format of the resume and the fonts that are being used in it. The categories that you are including in the resume must be properly separated, and the fonts should be simple and easy to read. You must keep the font size at a medium level (not very large and not very small) It should be around 11 or 12 points. You must remove all the excessive white spaces between the text and highlight the main points. Usually, the employers have huge piles of resumes that they have to go through within a fraction of seconds, and you need to ensure that your resume grabs the attention of the employer within that short period. 


Now, you understand the actual way in which the resume can be prepared and what are the essential points that you must include in the resume. But always remember that you always have the flexibility to customize or tailor the resume according to the requirements of the organization. The customization must be based on the perspective of the employers and to advertise your best skills. You can visit the website to hire expert resume writers. The staff at Resume Completer has the required expertise to develop a proper cover letter, write an entire resume, and make you stand out from the crowd of applicants.


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