Strategies To Give Your Resume A Competitive Advantage

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Strategies To Give Your Resume A Competitive Advantage

Do you know what is the primary requirement for being eligible for a good job? Most people when asked this question would say good grades, certified courses, graduation from the best institutes, and many other things. All these are no doubt important to establish your academic credentials. But here you are forgetting the most essential thing that will actually help you in getting a good job — your resume. Resumes are one of the best tools that help in landing a great job. A resume is a tool that helps you in advertising your skills, your education, and your past work (experience). Now, you might be confused that everyone has a resume, but still, there are many people who are unable to get a proper job. Why is it so? 

Here is an important thing that you need to understand. Just having a resume and putting all the information on a piece of paper is not enough. You need to have a proper strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd. Only when you are able to provide all the information and highlight it in the right way will you be able to gain the attention of the employers of good companies. 

So what are these essential strategies that will help you gain more attention from the hiring managers? Let’s find it out.

#1 Your Focus Should Be On Describing Your Accomplishments And Not Your Responsibilities:

The first mistake you might make while writing the resume is to include the responsibilities, where you are required to put your accomplishments. Your accomplishments actually show that you are good at something, and your skills would be helpful to the company in achieving its business goals. When you are describing your responsibilities, you are just explaining your role, and this role could be followed by anyone. But your accomplishments showcase that you are skilled and that you are proficient in the role for which you have applied.

#2 You Need To Provide Clarity Of The Career Objective Or Job Target:

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While writing the resumes, you don’t have to think from your point of view but from the perspective of the recruiters. For instance, there are thousands of resumes to scan through, but your mind would stop at the resume that seems starkly different from others. Usually, recruiters focus on resumes that have something different to offer — customized content that has clear career objectives and proper job targets. The recruiters must have a clear idea of what position you are applying for and whether you have relevant skills and experience for the job role or not. If you are not making the recruiters clear about your intentions, there will be ambiguity, and your resume would not even be shortlisted.

#3 Embrace The Resume Formats That Are Appealing To The Recruiters Or Hiring Managers/Employers: 

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If you come across recruiters or hiring managers, you would get to know that they have specific preferences, when it comes to the format of a resume. Although there is no standard format followed by any organization or institute, you need to make sure that it should be standard. While writing the resume, you need to make sure that the format you are choosing is professional. Besides the format, you need to take care of the font style and font size. 

Apart from the above-mentioned things, you must also be cautious about the length of the resume format. Your resume must not be very long, even if you have a lot of experience. It should not exceed more than 2 to 3 pages and should include only the necessary information. While preparing your resume, if you think that it is getting very long, then you can eliminate the unnecessary information to try and make it short and precise. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can get help from experts who are skillful in writing resumes. For instance, you can consult the professionals at Resume Completer. They have the required expertise, skills, and experience to work out different types of resumes and have a perfect chronology to keep the resume format perfect. 


Now, you have clearly understood what is the significance of a resume in helping you to obtain a great job opportunity. So while writing the resume, you can follow the above guidelines or take help from the experts. 


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