Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Resume’s Career Summary

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Mistakes To Avoid When Writing Your Resume’s Career Summary

While seeking your dream job or making a switch from your current employment, you need a resume. With the help of a resume, you can add professional details that will help you display your skills, qualifications, and extensive experience in the industry. A resume is an important document for all job aspirants who want to build a good career. The resume supports you in entailing whether you would be the right person for the job or not. Your hiring managers do not know you personally or professionally. But with the help of a resume, they get a brief understanding of your professional life and overall performance.

If your resume is impressive and you have added all the specific details, then it can be an asset to help you get your dream job. While adding details regarding your education and work, be sure not to be confused. Most often, people make mistakes when they want to add a career objective to their resume. A career summary (career objective) is the first thing that the hiring managers read in your resume. You need to make your first impression with your career objective. Career objective is basically a gist of all the information that you mention in your resume. We have listed some common mistakes that you should avoid while adding career objectives to the resume.

#1 Common Career Objective Mistake: Assuming That Career Objective Is Outdated

Most often, people consider that it is not essential to add a career objective to the resume. Career objective is quite a crucial part of a resume as it provides the highlights of your entire resume to the recruiters. It gives an overview of the accomplishments, skills, and educational background. It conveniently resolves all the problems for the hiring managers.

#2 Common Career Objective Mistake: Making Use Of The Personal Pronouns In The Career Objective

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You should not use any personal pronouns in the career objective. If you have used any words like I, me, my, mine in the career objective, eliminate it. This is one of the most basic errors people make while writing a career objective. While screening the resumes, it becomes easy for the hiring managers to screen out the resumes that use personal pronouns in the career objective. The hiring managers will immediately consider your resume as “not fit” and remove it from the list. Therefore, it is better to use the right words and not include personal pronouns in the career objective.

#3 Common Career Objective Mistake: Giving a Broad Overview

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Your career objective must be written with a specific perspective and not broad. Most often, when you write career objectives with a broad perspective, the hiring managers do not understand what you are trying to say. You make your resume appear like a thousand others in the lot. You can use the opportunity to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. So try to be as specific as possible while writing the career objective.

#4 Common Career Objective Mistake: You Should Not Leave Out Valuable Data From The Career Objective

When you want your hiring managers to shortlist your resume, it is essential that you include valuable data to capture their attention. You can include metrics or snapshots, and even use relevant keywords in the career objective. It will help them to know whether they can shortlist your resume or not. For example, you can choose two to three specific keywords and write the career objective including those words. It will make it easier for you to capture the attention of the hiring managers.

#5 Common Career Objective Mistake: You Should Not Overuse The Adjectives In The Career Objective

This is a common mistake while writing a career objective. Most often, people use plenty of adjectives to describe a single instance. It will unnecessarily increase the length of the career objective and does not serve any purpose. Moreover, it will make your resume appear just like others. So, select two-three adjectives that are specific to your skills, qualification, and work experience. It is better to explain what you do and what you aspire to become through the words you use.


If you want your resume to be the best and attention capturing, follow the above tips. If you are not confident about writing the resume, on your own, you can consult the resume writing experts at Resume Completer. They have a team of professional staff who are experts in a wide range of industries. They can help you draft a perfect resume without any errors.

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