Importance Of Keywords While Writing An Online Resume

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Importance Of Keywords While Writing An Online Resume

A resume is an official document that helps you get noticed by your recruiters. Every person who wants to build a better career must have a well-written resume. You will need a resume for applying for jobs. When you have completed your basic and higher education, you need a document to list all those achievements. You will need the resume while switching your job. How will you let the hiring managers or recruiters know you are knowledgeable, qualified, experienced, and skilled? Is there a way to explain your soft skills and technical skills to the recruiters? Yes, by drafting a great resume, you can make your resume stand out for your recruiters. 

Everyone must understand that just having a resume full of information is not enough. There are thousands of applicants applying for a specific position in a company. If you want the recruiters to shortlist your resume, it should stand out. Only when you eliminate the competition, your resume can be shortlisted. How will you ensure that your resume is the best? In what way will you get your resume in front of your recruiters? 

A simple answer to this is by using keywords. You can use high-volume and specific keywords in the online resume. There is a lot of significance of keywords in getting your resume shortlisted. Let’s understand how.

#1 Keywords That Will Capture The Attention Of The Hiring Manager

When the hiring manager posts a job description online, they mention crucial keywords. While drafting your resume, you need to choose the job posting in which you are interested. Now search all the keywords used in the job description. You can strategically place all the essential keywords in your resume. You can include the keywords in the career objective, skills, experience section of the resume. When the applicant tracking system or the recruiters scan through the resume, the keywords will capture their attention. It will be easier for your resume to get shortlisted for the next round.

#2 Keywords Are Important Because Tracking System Scans Them

Nowadays, hiring managers do not scan resumes manually. They use a tracking system to shortlist the resume that is relevant for the companies. The tracking system uses specific keywords to segregate the relevant resume from the irrelevant ones. The use of an applicant tracking system is common in multinational companies or large business houses.

Because they receive resumes and applications in thousands, and hiring managers do not have time for manual scanning. When you use keywords in your resume, you are making it search-ready. The application tracking system can scan the resume for the right keywords and shortlist them.

#3 Using Keywords In Resume Helps You To Easily Highlight The Required Strengths/Skills

Whether the recruiters are using the manual technique or tracking system, keywords in the resume help to easily reach the right candidate. When you use keywords, you help the recruiters to focus on the right things. It is a quick way for them to search for the right strengths, skills, qualifications in the resume. If you use the keywords that fulfill the job requirement, then you are shortlisted for the interview.

#4 Use The Right Keywords To Emphasize On Your Achievements

Usually, people add a lot of things to their resumes. The recruiters are not reading everything you have written in the resume. They will scan through it. If you want the recruiters to pay attention to your achievements — use keywords. Besides using keywords, you should highlight them. With the use of the right keywords, you can highlight all the essential things the recruiters need to see.

Resume Writing Must Be Done Carefully

Often, people applying for the jobs are skillful and talented but do not draft an effective resume. If you are unable to draft a resume, you can’t land yourself a good job. It is essential to organize all the crucial points in the resume. This includes the necessary details, experience, skills, and achievements effectively. Just mentioning all the details does not make it the best resume. Your resume should help you to stand out from the crowd and get the right job opportunity.


If you want to draft a good resume, consult professionals. Resume Completer is one of the best service providers for resume writing. You can talk to the professionals to let them know your requirements, and they will draft the best resume for you with all the details organized in a proper format. They will also use the right keywords and place them strategically in the resume for easy tracking.

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