How To Write A Resume Profile Or Summary Statement

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How To Write A Resume Profile Or Summary Statement

A resume is an important document where you list all the key information about yourself. Details like your personal information, contact address, educational qualifications, skills and projects you have handled, and your past work experience. When a resume contains so much important data, it can help you land a high-profile job, would it not? Well, you might think in this way. But it is not always about the details you add to your resume, but the way you write them. Just like you, there might be many job aspirants, who are looking to get a good job. They would also have designed a resume similar to yours. Out of thousands of resumes, how will the recruiter or the hiring manager choose the best ones? How will they know which candidate would be suitable for the job? You might say that they can go through the resume and then finalize it. But no one has so much time to go through thousands of resumes. They will simply scan the resumes they have received and start the short-listing process. The recruiters will just read the resume profile or the summary to know whether you should be shortlisted for further interviews or not. The resume profile or summary statement is, therefore, an important part of a resume. Thus, many people hire professionals to write it for them or design their entire resume.

You can also hire the professionals at Resume Completer to design the resume or the cover letter for you.

Besides this, here are some essential tips that will help you write the resume profile or summary statement in a perfect way.

Basically, a resume profile or summary statement refers to the sentence phrases that will briefly describe your years of experience in a particular field and also highlight your skills and achievements. Thus, the resume profile or summary statement should be effective, and within a glance, the recruiters should get to know major things about you. Based on this data, the recruiters can decide whether to shortlist the candidate or not.
Let us first get to know what are the general guidelines that should be followed while writing the resume profile or summary statement.

#1 You Must Keep The Resume Profile Short And Crisp:

short and crisp resume

Generally, people make mistakes by adding huge paragraphs when it comes to resume profiles. All you have to do is add 5 to 6 phrases of informative content in a bullet points format. These bullet points should cover your education qualifications, major skills, knowledge regarding the work profile, and various achievements.

#2 The Resume Profile Or Summary Statement Should Be Placed On The Top Of The Resume:

professional resume writing

You are using this content to draw the attention of the recruiters. You want them to be able to see at a glance the highlights of your profile and your suitability for the role they are hiring, so it should not be placed somewhere in between or at the bottom of the resume page but on the top portion of it. It should be the first thing your recruiters will read and decide whether you would be shortlisted or not.

#3 You Must Employ Proper Keywords In The Resume Profile:

Adding keywords is of utmost importance. For that, you must have a good collection of keywords that you can use to highlight the resume profile or summary statement. With the highlighted keywords, you would be able to capture the attention of the recruiters or employers. Make sure that the keywords are according to the job profile that you are applying for. You must try to match the keywords mentioned on the company website and the job description provided by the organization.

#4 You Must Follow A Particular Pattern While Writing The Resume Profile Or Summary Statement:

It is usually recommended by experts that you must follow a proper pattern while writing the resume profile or summary statement. You need to start with the work experience, then add your skills, and finally add your achievements. This is the standard format used by most applicants, and it is the format that the recruiters also expect.


You can use these tips while writing the resume profile or summary statement, but if you are not confident about doing a good job on your own, you can even hire a professional resume writer to help you out. They are experts in writing resumes and will draft a perfect resume, along with a summary statement for you. This kind of professionally written resume will easily capture the attention of the recruiters.

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