How To Make Your Resume Appear Impressive

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How To Make Your Resume Appear Impressive

A resume is the most crucial document in which you list all your achievements, educational qualification, skills, work experience, and volunteering activities. So you can consider your resume that summarizes your professional life. A resume is important not only when you are starting your career but also when you are trying to switch your job.

With the help of the resume, you can conveniently showcase your roles, responsibilities, accomplishments, projects, and various other aspects that would make you stand out from other applicants. The hiring managers get to know everything about you by taking a glance at your resume. When any company advertises about the vacancy, there are thousands of applicants who apply for the job. The hiring managers have to go through several resumes in a limited time and shortlist the candidates for the other process.

It is not possible for the hiring managers to go into details of all the resumes. They scan through the resumes to select the best ones. Therefore, you should build a resume that looks impressive to the hiring managers and helps you stand out from the crowd. Most of us are not aware of how to make a resume appear impressive and informative at the same point. Here are some tips from experts who will help create an impressive resume.

#1 Choose A Professional Template For Your Resume

Professional template resume

While drafting your resume, you should use a professional template to make it look organized and formal. Often, people haphazardly add information to the resume without proper structuring. It makes your resume look unorganized and difficult to read. Your hiring managers will not be able to make out what you are trying to showcase through such a resume. There are 80 to 90 percent chances that your resume may get rejected as soon as the recruiters scan it. Therefore, proper structuring of the resume is quite essential. You can make use of the professional resume templates to organize the information. Add the career objective on the top, educational qualification, work experience, projects accomplished, roles and responsibilities. It will be easier for the hiring managers to scan through your resume.

#2 You Should Make Use Of The Professional Font

Professional resume maker

Your employers do not have all day to review your resume. There are thousands of such resumes that they need to scan through in a day. So using a professional font in your resume will make it clear and easy to read for the recruiters. The two most professional fonts are — Times New Roman and Arial. Besides using a professional font, you should also ensure the size of the font to be used in the resume. The size of the font in the resume should be around 10 or 12 points and not more than that. It will make your resume look clean and professional. Make sure the font is clear and bold for the resume. It will instantly capture the attention of your employers and help you get shortlisted.

#3 Include Proper Heading And Subheading

While adding your professional information, use headings and subheadings. It will improve the readability of the resume. For instance, you can create several headings such as Career Objective, Educational Qualification, Work Experience, Achievements And Awards, Strength And Weakness, Skills. You can add many other topics as heading that are prominent to add in the resume. You can consider these as the main heading. Proper headings help you present the information in a coherent manner and enable the hiring manager to find all the relevant details.

#4 Use The Right Job-Specific Keywords

Nowadays, recruiters use the ATS — Application Tracking System to filter out the right resumes from an entire lot of the resumes. The application tracking system uses keywords to ensure whether the resume should be shortlisted or not. If you are not using the right keywords in the resume, you won't get shortlisted. Even though you think you are the right match for the job, your resume will not support you. Therefore, it is better to make use of the right keywords. For making the resume more attractive and impressive, bold and italic the keywords.

#5 Check The Alignment Of The Content In Your Resume

The alignment of the resume content should be to the left. Left alignment makes the content easy to skim for the hiring managers. It is a simple thing, but many people forget to do so or ignore it.


If you want your resume to make a positive impact on the recruiters, you should follow the above tips. It will help you capture the attention of the hiring managers and get your resume shortlisted. If you still do not feel confident about drafting your resume, consult the professionals. Resume Completer will help you to write a perfect resume within no time. 

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