How To List Publications On A Professional CV

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How To List Publications On A Professional CV

While writing your Curriculum Vitae (CV), you add the necessary details, including personal, academic, experience, and skills. Having a CV is crucial when you are applying for a job. The information you put in it helps the recruiter to know about your knowledge and accomplishments. 

If you are applying for academic positions or any high-profile roles, you need to explain your knowledge differently. It should convince the recruiters that you are the best fit for the job. One of the best ways to do this is by adding publications. 

When you add publications to your CV, it makes it easy for the recruiters to search through the internet and get complete information about your work. 

You should never skip including your publications in your CV. Publications are an essential part of a professional CV, especially if you are an academic and are applying for positions in academia or applying for a grant. According to the recruiters and hiring managers of the company, publications explain your mettle. 

There is a proper way in which you can list the publications on a professional CV. When you are adding the publications of the professional CV, formatting is essential. You cannot just create a bunch of sentences and add them to the CV. You need to follow specific guidelines to make it look standard and perfect.

Here is the list of acceptable formats for adding publications to the professional CV.

  1. While listing the publications in the professional CV, you should add the title of the work and where it was published. With these details, the recruiter can easily search and get the details of the work and publication. 
  2. Before you add your list of published papers, make sure you are using a standard format for it. You can format the publications in bullet points. Add a heading “Research And Publication” and list all the bullet points to it. 
  3. If you prefer, you can have a separate page for adding the publication. It might happen that you have worked on more than two publications. So you need extra space for it. 
  4. Have a specific style for the citations. The popularly used citation styles are MLA and APA for adding publications in the professional CV. If you are applying for a job in humanities, history, or linguistics departments then choose MLA style. Whereas, if you are applying for a scientific job, choose the APA citation style. 
  5. You should use the chronological style in reverse order. You should list the latest publication first. For others, you can follow the reverse order. It will help the recruiters to know about your latest work instead of old work. The latest one will have a positive impact on the decision of the recruiters. So list the latest publication very first. 
  6. Avoid adding outdated publications to the list. You might have worked on a lot of papers and publications. Some may be years old and could seem outdated. Such publications will not add any value to the professional CV but increase the length of it. Increasing the length of a CV is not advisable. Therefore, you should keep the outdated publication off the list. 
  7. You can include the ongoing publication work. If you are working on some publication that is not yet complete, you can still add it. It shows that you are enthusiastic about your work and keep doing it without any delay. You can mention that the work is under review to ensure that the recruiters know about it. Looking at your latest and ongoing work, recruiters may shortlist your professional CV. 
  8.  Pay attention to the byline. You may have others working on the publications as well. You can add the name of the co-authors and give them the due credit. Make sure that you are keeping your name in bold. It will make the recruiters focus on your name instead of co-authors. 
  9. For adding publications, you should have a dedicated section. You should not mix the publication section with “Experience” or any other section. For publications, you should have a specific section. While adding and formatting publications in the professional CV, go through the sample. You will get various ideas that you can use in your CV. You can consult experts to design your professional CV.


Resume Completer has a large team of professional staff who can help you draft a perfect and professional CV. They will also help you to add publications properly. They will follow the guidelines and format the publications that will impress the recruiters.

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