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Before we go further, you must note that no hiring manager in Washington is interested in staring at a resume that is more than two pages. It is not a book, but a mere description of why you should be hired. Whatever is written on your resume should state why you should be hired above the others that will submit their resume. If your resume is not brief, clear and consistent, the hiring manager wouldn't bother to call you back for an interview. Whatever you do, your resume must be impressive.

1. Ensure That Every Job You Have Held Be Listed

If you have not held many jobs, you can list all the jobs you have held, but endeavour to focus on those that make you a great candidate. Do not write a long essay on the jobs that do not increase your chance of getting the new job. You must input the job titles, employer, dates you worked there.

This will act as your Experience Section.

If you have worked numerous jobs, sift out those that are not linked to the job that you are vying for. You don't want to bore the hiring manager with too many details.

The résumé is meant to market you, and not tell the hiring manager every detail in your life.


2. Your Achievements

While on the job, what did you achieve? You have to base this section on achievements and not responsibilities. Here, the hiring manager is not interested in your job descriptions but what you achieved while working those jobs. Tune the achievements in such a way that it will be in line with the new job.


3. Your Education Qualification

Where did you go to school, and what did you study there. Don't forget to input your year of study if you are a recent graduate. If not, don't add it to prevent you from being discriminated based on age.

The Education Section usually follows your Work Section, since a lot of hiring managers in Washington are more interested in your Work Section. It depends on your employer and what he wants.


Never Add Your Date Of Birth

If you don't want to be discriminated based on age, then avoid this. A hiring manager may see your age and think you are too old or young for the job. To prevent this, exclude your age, except when the job states that your age must be inputted.


Though Optional, You Can Add A Profile Section On The Top

This was unseen in old resumes, but modern resumes now have them. It is usually a shortlist that states who you are, and why you will be a better candidate for the job. It should be two or three sentences.


Volunteer Section (Optional)

If you have done impressive volunteer works that are somewhat related to the job, you can input them. If not, do not.


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