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A résumé is what convinces a hiring manager to give you a second thought. Seattle hiring managers only go for the best, hence your resume must be detailed to be the best.

Choose the Best Type Of Resume.

There are different standards of resume, and they depend on your personal circumstances. You could opt for targeted, combination, functional or chronological types of resumes. It is worth it if you opt for the right type of resume.

Be Legible

The hiring manager has to attend to hundreds of other résumés, that's why yours should be easy to understand, especially your work achievements, experience and school qualifications. Make use of a legible font like Calibri or Times New Roman. The font should neither be too small or too big. I usually prefer font 12.

Make use of standard margins and avoid the use of dense blocks of text. If you will send a paper resume, then use a white coloured paper.

Ensure that your formatting is consistent. If you are making use of bullet points to discuss your responsibilities, use bullet points to discuss your position too. Let the bullet points be formatted in similar ways. Note that you are not trying to get into an art gallery.

Ensure Your Resume Is Focused.

Remove any form of extra information that is not needed. If it is not linked to the job that you are looking for, remove it. Instead, you should focus on those achievements and skills that will make you look like the right candidate for the job. If you are a recent graduate, your resume should be one page. If you have work experience, it can be a page or two, but it should never be more than two pages. Never.

Give Your Resume A Make Over

Like people give themselves a facelift or revamp their houses, you should do the same for your résumé to allow the hiring manager to notice you.

Be Creative

It will be nice to the eyes of a hiring manager if he notices creativity in your resume, especially if you are applying for a job in the creative field. It could contain the normal features of a resume, infographics, video and so on. This should happen only when applying in the creative field, if not, please stick to the usual resume.

Your Resume Must Be Edited

Look at your resume. Are there wrong spellings, errors of any kind there? If there are, correct them. You can get a second eye to look at it.

Look At Examples of Résumés In Your Industry

An industry may prefer a type of resume to the other or may need some extra things. Find out. Research and make your résumé the best.

Ask For Help

Never forget to ask for help. Writing a resume may seem simple to many, but they end up making mistakes. Whatever resume you write is what will determine if you get an interview. For help, contact now!

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