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If you live in Nashville, there is a great Chance that you know that potential employers in NASHVILLE love resume that tell a professional story. Though a resume is a one-page story about your professional history, it is so important that it can determine if you get the job or not.

A resume when well written, highlighting the necessary details can help get you into the interview room. Your resume must be concise, vivid and consistent.

If your resume doesn't have the following qualities, you won't be looked at the second time.


Opt For a Resume Type

Don't just input details in whatever order you think. You should opt for a standard form of resume writing. It could be a functional, chronological, combination, or even a targeted resume


Opt For The Right Size and Font

When writing a resume, it is of great importance that you opt for a size an font that is legible, and when done leaves white space on each page. Your style features like use of bullets, bold and underlining should be kept to the barest minimum. This is not an art class. Make use of boldface only when you are writing the section headings, as well as the quantifiable achievements because you want to be emboldened. If you are using a style, ensure that you are consistent with it.


Make Use of keywords

Most hiring managers now make use of recruiting management software to screen out those candidates that are not seen as fit. This is why you should match your qualifications to the job in a way that the right skills and keywords will show. Your resume should be written in a way to show the hiring manager how your experiences and skills will fit the job that you are applying for.


Have Your Job Descriptions Jazzed Up

What are the descriptions that you have written for every job? Look at them well. Will a hiring manager feel that you are the right match for it or not? Will the hiring manager feel impressed or wonder what drugs you are currently high on?

Make it impressive. Your aim is to impress the hiring manager to the extent that he asks you to come for an interview.


Proofread Your Resume

The hiring manager will never ignore an error in your resume. Never! This is why you must proofread it for grammar errors, punctuation and spelling errors. You can even ask a friend to proofread or you can pass it through a grammar software. Ensure that it is consistent in style and error-free.


Look For Examples of Resume In Your Industry

Those in your industry may prefer a type of resume. Does your resume match that type? You have to research to prevent you from making mistakes that wouldn't get you through the door.

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