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Did you do exceedingly well in school, yet you have no work experience, and you want your education prowess to work for you? Follow these tips below. To get the right résumé, with or without work experience that will amaze Denver hiring managers, visit us at now!


How To Place Your Education Prowess

If you have an experience of five years or more, then put your experience before education. This is because hiring managers in Denver are more interested in your experience, accomplishments than your education.

On the other hand, if you are a recent graduate, you should place your education before experience, and you should do it tastefully. If you don't have up to five years or experience, do the same too.

If you belong to those who changed their careers and had to continue their education to support their new career, place your education first.

Those, in scientific and academia, usually place their education higher than their experience.


High GPA

If you graduate recently, or still a student, and have a GPA of 3.0 or more, add your GPA. If your school isn't using the GPA scale of 4.0, it is advisable that you add the scale after your GPA to prevent confusion like (4.2/4.5). As your career climbs up, your GPA will no longer be necessary. As you grow in your field, getting experience, listing your GPA will no longer be needed. Once you reach the five years of experience mark, it is advisable to delete the GPA.


If you excelled in a program, input the academic honours. This is to let the hiring manager know that you know what you are doing.


New Grads

If you are a new graduate or still a student and have little or no work experience, you should make the education section of your resume the centrepiece. Since you don't have the experience to amaze your hiring manager, your education should do the trick. Jazz it up as much as you can without lying. The section should include the academic achievements you amassed, as well as the special projects you were involved in. If you were involved in extracurricular activities, pen them down. If you underwent related courses, pen them down.


Degree incomplete

If you were undergoing an educational program that you abandoned, it won't be a bad idea to list it, as well as the number of credits you finished, or the kind of study that you underwent.


High school information

If you do not have college credits, it wouldn't be a bad idea to input your high school information or GED information. If you have college credits, then there is no need for this.


Lack of experience shouldn't stop you from getting that job. Come to, let's help you get that job.

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