10 Mistakes Made By An Executive Resume Writing Service

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10 Mistakes Made By An Executive Resume Writing Service

A resume is your first formal introduction to the potential employers.

It has to be awesome because even it has a single mistake, the hiring manager will never give a second look at your resume.

No matter how qualified you are if you have typos and grammatical errors it would make you look unprofessional and you would not be called up for the interview.

You might think that you have hired the best executive resume writing service and therefore you can totally relax. But you cannot trust anyone blindly because your profession is at stake.

Therefore, it’s important to review your resume before you send it to the hiring manager.


Here are some resume mistakes you should check and make sure that your resume does not consist any of the bloopers and blunders.


  1. Broad Objective
  2. Vague Words
  3. Lengthy resume
  4. Wrong format and structure
  5. Typos and Grammatical Errors
  6. Submitting Incorrect Information
  7. Not Including Skills
  8. Paid Vs Un-Paid Work Experience
  9. No Marketing Hook
  10. Lack of Personality


1. Broad Objective


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It’s the most common mistake made by an executive resume writing service. They make an all-purpose resume which will not help you in getting any interview.

Therefore, it is important to tailor your resume for a particular job. The employer loves if the resume is fulfilling its objective.

If the required details are not mentioned in the resume which is important for the employer, chances of your selection decreases.

To increase your chance asks your resume writer to mention the firm name in the objective and keep it brief and direct to the point.


2. Vague Words


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Is the outline of your resume is plain and it does not make much impact?

This can be because your resume is having a problem with word usage. In the executive resume writing industry, most professionals use action words.

You should check that your resume must contain shorter sentences and the writer should highlight your skills. It is also advised to not use excessive fluffy words and phrases.

Include results of your tasks instead of job descriptions. Tell your resume writer to use numbers, metrics, and figures because this will boost your chances.


3. Lengthy Resume


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Always remember you want a resume and not a novel. Nobody likes to read 3-4 page copy of text.

If your resume is lengthy, then tell your writer to refocus the details and present your info and achievements in a precise way.

Your resume should start by telling what industry you are aiming to and for what position you are applying for.

Your writer should focus on the core skills which are useful for your application and take away the irrelevant ones.

If you are a fresher or new graduate, then you should have a single page resume. Superior or experience people can have two or three pages resumes.


4. Wrong format and structure


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The employer simply scans your resume and decides whether it is worth reading or throwing it away.

Therefore, if you have a wrong resume structure and format it might kill your chances. You need to have the same format while making a copy of your resume.

You need to pay attention to its style and layout because the looks of resume still matter a lot.

Highlight the relevant information depending on the personal settings and list your work history from the recent to past.

Tell the writer to divide the details into sections like brief career outline, core skills, work, training, personal data, etc.


5. Typos and Grammatical Errors


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Even a single typing and grammatical error can upset the recruiter. Tell your executive resume writing service to write your details with care.

You cannot afford a single mistake because there many job seekers who are after your job. Poor grammar takes away your chances instantly.

According to the survey conducted in 2013 by CareerBuilder survey, 58% of the employers find resumes with typos and grammar mistakes which leads to automatically dismiss a candidate.

Make sure that your resume writer notices all the errors and proofread it thoroughly.


6. Submitting Incorrect Information


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This may seem obvious but getting simple details wrong about you will surely lead your resume to the rejected list.

When someone puts a wrong email or phone number, then the resume looks haphazard.

Even if you make through to the interview stage, the incorrect information will lead to direct rejection.

Sometimes the job titles do not match the job description listed. The writer may change the title to give an extra edge to the resume but most recruiters do not like this which can also result in your rejection.


7. Not including skills


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For your resume writer listing your skills may be optional but recruiters and hiring managers don’t see it that way.

Listing your skills and examples of how you use those skills in previous positions is a great way which will make you stand out from the crowd.

In the survey of CareerBuilder, the employers said that 35% of the resumes do not have a list of skills of the candidate which leads to instant disqualification.

It’s much better to have an achievements section than a skills section and following up with an example.

For example – If you have a skill of “Relationship building” then follow up with an example where you used your relationship building talent to manage different teams to accomplish a stalled development project which increased 30% of the revenue.


8. Paid Vs Un-Paid Work Experience


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Another common mistake that resume writers make that they do not include the unpaid work experience on the resume. They think that only the paid work is the valuable experience.

Some of the work which is not necessarily connected to your job title like volunteering, working for an NGO, etc is worth mentioning in your resume.

It can also include the things you are proud of achieving, what you like doing in your free time, etc. This can be the most striking section of the resume if you have facts and figures to back it up.


9. No marketing hook


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A resume is considered as a marketing document which informs about your own unique story.

Having a hook or theme in your resume will keep you in the memories of the hiring manager.

Various research shows that in any social encounter people mostly remember three things about you.

Therefore, read your resume thoroughly and list the three key strengths which you want to emphasise more.

By doing this you would be able to market yourself and improve your chances of beings selected for the job.


10. Lack of Personality


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It is also one of the common mistakes that most resume writers tend to make. A resume is a representation of who you are and if the writer fails to inject a personality then it becomes difficult to gain the traction you’re looking for.

A personality in the resume increases the likeability factor which increases the chance of you getting hired.

The employers and hiring managers will always notice how your values and goals match the organization you are applying to.

Be sure that your writer includes your personality in the resume by highlighting not just what you do but how and why you do it.




It’s important to have a well-crafted resume without any kinds of mistakes because even a small mistake would significantly decrease our chances of being selected.

If you avoid these common mistakes in your resume, then you would make a great first impression which will get you one step closer to landing your dream job.

Most of the job application fails because of the avoidable resume mistakes.

Therefore, ask your executive resume writer to proofread your resume and correct the mistakes.

If you are not satisfied with the writer’s work then it’s ok to hire another.

Use the tips listed above to refine your resume, enhance your value proposition which will help you propel your career to the next level.

Did you find this article helpful? Take the help of our professional resume writers to help you avoid these resume mistakes and get a job interview.

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