Top ways to spot a bad resume

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Top ways to spot a bad resume

The whole world is awash with the need to earn a living and start life as soon as they can. This would most likely lead to them yearning to get a good job. While this search can be quite complicated, it can also be quite rewarding. You can actually end up finding the job of your dreams. However, the job of your dreams would not just pop up and appear to you out of nowhere. You would have to make sure that all your affairs are properly organized. One such way you can do this is by getting a good resume.

If you are getting the services of a pro resume writer, you would need to be able to spot a bad resume when it is written. Having a bad resume can in effect end all your chances of getting a great job which is there for the taking. Hence, it is only proper that you know certain things which would allow you to spot a bad resume very easily. Here are some of them;

  • NO NUMBERS: how on earth would you expect your potential employer to know just how impressive your resume is if you fail to write the numbers beside each achievement. Having numbers would help you to be able to point out the various experience you have and how long you might have worked in a particular institution. Therefore, the absence of numbers can hit you hard when it comes to your chances of getting a job. This is one way in which you can spot a bad resume.
  • DATES ARE IMPORTANT: most employers when hiring for a particular position would be very wary of the date and time due to the impact in which it can have on your job opportunities. It is important that you make sure that the dates of the completion from every institution you attended are intact and other details which would most likely include dates. When you add all necessary dates, you are giving your employers to know exactly what they are getting when they choose. If not, all you would be left with is a bad resume.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: another way in which you can spot if your pro resume writer did a good job is to check just how professional it sounds. You can easily spot a bad resume by the casualness which is involved in writing it. Good resumes would sound polished and professional to the hilt. Therefore, if you are using a pro resume writer who is seriously lacking in this area, it may just be time to move on and find someone how is better at resume writing.

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