Tips for Creating An Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

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Tips for Creating An Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

After you have completed your education and obtained the required degrees, all that is left to do is to draw the attention of the recruiters. You want them to identify you as a qualified candidate for their organization. What is the first thing that the recruiters would see when they would try to consider your eligibility for the job? It is your resume along with the cover letter. You must design the cover letter and your resume in such a way that it will help you stand out from the crowd. You need to create an attention-grabbing cover letter and a well-written resume to ensure that you get shortlisted for the further rounds of interviews.

You might be thinking about why there is a need to create a creative or attention-grabbing cover letter. What is the use of it? Well, the recruiters do not get just one or two resumes in a day. They get a multitude of resumes and cover letters. Out of these huge amounts of cover letters, how will they choose the best one? The cover letters that are something different and capture their attention are usually selected first. You need to make sure that out of the selected cover letter, one should be yours. While designing a cover letter, you should try and identify the best way to showcase a clear link between your knowledge and experience and the requirements of the job profile for which you are applying.

Well, if you are still not sure how to write a top-notch cover letter, then you can use the tips given below. These tips will be able to create the cover letter in such a way that it will capture the attention of the recruiters and make them go through it until the last word.

#1 You Must Be Very Specific With The Cover Letter:

A cover letter is an important document that will help you land a good job hence, the information must not be generic — it should be specific. The cover letter should be so different and informative that the recruiters would want to shortlist you for the next level of the recruitment process. Being specific will help you to make your cover letter very effective in front of the recruiters.

#2 You Should Not Make The Cover Letters Very Lengthy:

Cover Letter Length

If you want your cover letter to be attention-grabbing and effective, then make sure that it is not very lengthy. Your cover letter should be simple, short, and to the point. Besides this, you should not just write it for the sake of it. You should arrange the content in such a way that would be informative and easy to glance through for the recruiters. They should also find it interesting. While writing the cover letter, you should not add unnecessary data. Just the things that your recruiters would find useful. There is one simple rule that you can always keep in your mind while writing the cover letter — quality over quantity.

#3 The Cover Letter Should Be Visually Matching To The Resume:

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Visually matching your cover letter and your resume means that there must be a correlation between them. The cover letter should not be starkly different from that of the resume. The colors used, the fonts of both documents should be similar. Your resume and cover letter are a pair and not individual documents.

#4 You Should Keep The Design Clean, Neat, And Simple:

Most often it happens that to make the cover letter impressive, applicants employ loud design templates and making it look very colorful. But this is not what your recruiters are looking for. Your cover letter should have a neat, clean and simple design. The content should be properly visible to the recruiters and not something that gets hidden in the designs and bright colors of the template. It should not be very hotch-potch but organized in a perfect yet professional way.


Cover letters are the very first document that your recruiters will get to read and get to know about you. You need to ensure that your cover letter is well written and visually appealing. Most often, people hire professionals to write and design an attention-grabbing cover letter to ensure that they are short-listed. You can consult the professionals of Resume Completer. They have experts who can draft a perfect cover letter as well as a resume for you. 

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