How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

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How To Make Your Resume Stand Out

Most often, people do not pay attention while drafting resumes. It is not just a piece of paper that holds all your academic and professional details. It is a crucial document that is the first stepping stone for building your career. You have to be very specific when it comes to designing a resume. A resume is a document that reaches the recruiters or company managers when they start looking for the best candidates. You need to format your resume professionally and add relevant content to make it stand out.

The company managers might have to scan through thousands of resumes in a day and shortlist them. Having a unique resume get the attention of the managers and gets your's shortlisted. If you can make the first impression on your recruiters, then it is through your resume.

How Will You Make Your Resume Stand Out?

Here are some smart tips that will help you build a resume that attracts the attention of the recruiters.

#1 You Must Be Clear With The Qualities The Company Manager Is Looking For:

Mention qualities in CV

You have a resume to let the managers and recruiters know about your skills that would be beneficial for their company. For that, you need to include all the relevant information in the resume. If you wish to add appropriate information that attracts the hiring professional's attention, understand what they are looking for. In the job posts, all the requirements are mentioned. It is a summary of the essential skills they need in a candidate. You can use that information for your benefit. Besides, use the keywords and bold them

#2 Customize The Resume To Make It Industry-Relevant:

It is one of the most crucial points that you should consider while drafting a resume. You might be having a wide range of skills that are not relevant to the industry you are applying for, then it is of no use. You need to prioritize the experience and qualifications that will be required by the industry. For instance, if you plan to get into a WordPress website development company, then specifying your experience and qualification in PHP will not work.

#3 Be Very Particular While Drafting The Header And Career Objective:

You already know that the recruiters have to go through plenty of resumes in a single day. While shortlisting, they will not read everything in detail. They will look out for the essential information that suits their requirement. Your header and career objective will help them in making the task easier.

The career objective must specify what you are looking for. It should not be very lengthy.

You can increase the font size and put the crucial keywords in bold. The resume summary or career objective will show what you can offer to the company.

#4 Your Resume Should Be Concise Yet Effective:

None of the recruiters will sit and read all the details about everything you have achieved and worked upon in your career. You might have extensive experience and a range of skills, but you need to show them what they need. Having a 2-page resume will be directly rejected if you have filled in irrelevant information. So concisely draft the resume. You have to list every essential detail by including bullet points.

#5 Make The Resume Visually Appealing:

visually appealing resume

The first look at the resume is very crucial. You cannot just add up all the information in one section of the page and leave the rest of the age blank. You need to ensure that the content is well-organized on the resume to make it look visually appealing. They are many factors that you can consider to make a resume attractive. 

  • Use a professional font style — Helvetica or Times New Roman.
  • The color of the font should be black.
  • Use standard font size for all the content in the resume. You can increase the size of headings. 
  • If you are using the template, it should be professional and aesthetically appealing.

#6 With Your Resume — Submit A Cover Letter:

If you are asked to submit the resume online, you can also attach a cover letter align with the resume. It will be an effective way to make your resume stand out from other candidates. While designing the cover letter, you should keep it relevant to the resume. The cover letter should not look different from the resume.


A resume is the most significant document that helps you get a good job and kick-start your career. While designing a resume, you must follow the given tips. It will make your resume stand out from other eligible candidates.

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