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To get a job quickly in Memphis, you must have a great resume. Writing a great resume is not hard, and shouldn't make you sweat.

A resume is a list of your skills, professional and academic achievements, certifications, and so on. It is the reason you should get employed. Your resume is what your potential employer looks at before he gives you the callback or squeezes his nose up in boredom.

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Step 1: Opt For A Resume Format That Fits

Writing a resume doesn't mean that you have to merely place your information in any order, or in whatever way you wish. There are different resume formats that are standard, as they include:

  • Functional Format,
  • Combinational Format, as well as
  • Reverse-chronological format.


Your Information Must Be Right

While writing a resume for a Memphis job, there are some details that should be included and should be said with all honesty. There are some other details that you should exclude. Knowing the right details to include and exclude can seal the deal for you.

Information That Should Be Added:

Name: Never exclude your name, and it should have your first name, as well as the last one. The middle one is optional.

Your Phone Number: Do not exclude this. Many employers prefer the cell numbers to home numbers.

Email Address: In the past, an email address may have not been needed, but it is a necessity in today's resume writing. Ensure that your email address seems professional. No employer wants to see an email address like No one.

LinkedIn URL: If you have a LinkedIn account, place it there. Every professional must have one as it makes the recruiter feel you know what you are doing. LinkedIn URL allows your employer to know what you can offer, and more about you. This will put you at a greater edge than others. Create a LinkedIn URL and beef it up with the right details.


Contact Information to Avoid

There are some details that should not be included, as they seem to like to are sharing a lot of trivial information.

Date of Birth: Do not add your date of birth, if you don't want to suffer from ageism. The recruiter may not know when he tosses you out because he feels your age is too old or young for the job. Only input your age when asked by the employer. If not, remove it.

Second Phone number or Email Address: You don't want to confuse your recruiter on which number to call or email address to send that mail to.

Headshot: There is no need for sending a resume image of yourself while preparing that resume. Images or photos of yourself are usually not recommended.


Input Your Work Experience

The Job Titles of where you have worked in the past should be boldly written.

The second line should have the company, city and state of your previous employment.

It should also have the dates employed, your key responsibilities and achievements that are linked to the new job that you are applying for.


Never Make Your Resume Heading Boring

The recruiter won't spend a long time on your resume. Impress him or her for the few seconds that he or she will stare at your resume.

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